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The independent digital ad agency in Portugal. Fist fighting nonsense. Truth seekers. Builders not destroyers. Hellraisers. For the people. We don’t do awards, we deliver worldwide. +100 brands, 7 countries, 10 years-dealin`
Country: PortugalEstablished: 2009Employees: 30+

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Miguel Martins
Miguel Martins
Miguel Martins CEO

We began our hustle in 2010 with Universal Music, providing the livestreaming of concerts on a worldwide scale and winning 2 Lovebrands in Portugal: Swatch and Sumol.
Later in 2011 we opened in Brazil, explored the organic seas of social media and conquered some international brands: Oderbrecht, Skol, Trident and Kia.
We flew back home with TAP Air Portugal.
From Brazil, in 2012 we arrived in Mexico.
Back home, we won MEO – the leading telco in Portugal – and worked on Sumol+Compal, MEO Kids, MEO Sudoeste – one of the biggest music festivals in the country – and MEO Marés Vivas.
We got stylish in 2013, launched the Betrend fashion blog, succeeded with Garnier’s Shorty campaign, while conquering Vichy, Roger & Gallet, La Roche Posay and Studio Line.
In 2014, came the crisis management and we came up with a multi-page strategy that mitigated the popular backlash on CTT and BES.
We also caught the mockingbird: winning the pitch to represent Twitter in Portugal.
In 2015, We conquered the 4th multi-brand group with Sage.
In 2016, we won Super Bock – the leading beer brand – and Vitalis, some months later we inaugurated radio, we took SAGE to several international markets, started working with the Portuguese Tourism Schools and won Bedivar.
Shopping all around the world in 2017, we won a pitch from Multi with 8 shopping centers and also launched a campaign on Nestlé for awareness on breast cancer prevention.
During 2018 we scored the leading Portuguese sports channel, Sport TV, the new pro-urban art beer Coruja and Comic-Con.
In 2019, we won an Oscar with Warner Bros Pictures and achieved that extra mile with the main Portuguese marathons – Maratona Clube de Portugal.
We won the FOX account and most recently moey! – the first “digital only” mobile banking solution in Portugal – Kleya and Cauny also became our buds.
In 2020 we joined CommUnity International and know that the show will go on…

LUVIN’ World |



At LUVIN’ we develop influence marketing strategies with excellent results. We use a communication model based on creative concepts developed in house, crossing different on and offline communication techniques. We are specialized in creating content, turning good ideas into daily relevant messages. We manage relationships, creating positive feelings!


Tiago Froufe, CEO
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We are Flesh.
A creative video agency that sees every project as their last,
able to adapt quickly and fluent in various visual languages.
We work for concepts, perspectives and points of view.
We are flesh blended with machine.

Camila Roveda

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Amuse Bouche is an Event, PR and Communication agency specialised in gastronomy, based in Lisbon, Portugal. It was created by Ana Músico and Paulo Barata in 2013 with one goal: to inspire and revolutionise the sector.
In that same year, we launched Sangue na Guelra | The Power of Food, an international food festival and symposium considered by the specialized media one of the most disruptive of Europe. Since then, we work with the best brands and restaurants in Portugal, from large groups to independent projects, and with the most relevant cooks, national and international: from the best chefs in the world to the new protagonists of the Portuguese food scene. And Lisbon became one of the exciting gastronomic cities of the world.
Our passion, and nature, is to create events and moments that redefine the food industry. In May, under global confinement, we launched The Power of Food Live Steam, the very first international live streaming conference, with the major world players of the food industry. In august Amuse Bouche created Arrebita Portugal, designed especially for the context of COVID-19 and distinguished with the Grand Prize of the Portuguese Academy of Gastronomy in November 2020.

Ana Músico CEO


+351 967 141 989

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A successful strategy is the lever companies have when they’re able to connect the sum total of complex information to a precise plan. Want to know how we do it?
Businesses advance when their brands are welcomed by consumers. That’s the art which we perform.
Online marketing is a crucial element of strategy for the success of any business. We make sure your strategies are fresh, current, and successful.
What was once the name of an inspiring global industry is losing its lustre. Today it is more misunderstood than liked. But not by us because we’re passionate about it.
Awareness is great. Activation is better. Interaction is King. We create complete brand experiences.
Still using Comic Sans MS and simple backgrounds? When it comes to web design, it’s sometimes hard to decide what works best and what doesn’t. Luckily, our designers have years of experience to back up their decisions.
The key to a good website sits with the development team and their ability to make sure that all online roads lead somewhere meaningful.
What’s Google without SEO? It’s a complicated art, but our team will make sure your business embraces its keywords and ranks at the top of search pages.
Search Engine Advertising is a paid marketing model and an effective means of generating traffic and conversions. Don’t worry – we’ll make it easy for you.
51% of customers reportedly use their mobile phones to discover new brands and services. If your app is as attractive as the Emperor’s new clothes maybe you need a new tailor. We’re here to help.
lluminate your brands or projects through personal engagement and with authenticity.
The potential your package has to attract and retain your customers is only rivalled by the value of your employees as brand ambassadors.
Photography is not about holding a lens in front of a person or an object.
Catching the eye quickly, keep viewers glued emotionally, tailor content specifically and ask for action immediately … that’s our simple video philosophy.
Some say that Public Relations can be more powerful than advertising. But that depends on who manages it and what your objectives are.
Fairs are the ejector seats of marketing. When all competitors are in the same place, at the same time, talking the same game, how do you emerge as the hero?
We call our managers for large- and small-scale events: Invent Managers. Because that is their speciality.
We prefer to spell Media like this: Midea. For us the context of the message is almost as important as the numbers or the KPIs.
Media plans are a human masterpiece that you can hang on your office wall … when our signature is on it.