Advocacy, branding and communications consultancy
Countries: Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, DubaiEstablished: 2010

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Rolf Olsen
Rolf Olsen
Rolf Olsen CEO

Our name, vision and mission
The star in our logo represents the North Star that the Vikings used to navigate their ships. The Vikings called it the Leidar star. In 1300, the first reference of the compass was made in Hauk’s Landnámabók. The Vikings called the compass the “leidarsteinn” (the Leidar stone).

Leidar was used to navigate both the sea and the stars. Leidar is cognate with Scots “leidar”, Dutch “leider”, German “leiter”, and Icelandic “leiðari“ – and is thus believed to be one of the origins of the English word “leader”.

We have a simple vision, to help clients find their North Star. We cannot imagine anything more exciting than clarifying the meaning of going to work every day.

Our mission is to help our clients set their course, navigate the increasingly complex world and communicate effectively with their stakeholders. Our products and services are organised within this clear mission of what we brand as Leadership Navigation: set the course, navigate, and communicate.

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A successful strategy is the lever companies have when they’re able to connect the sum total of complex information to a precise plan. Want to know how we do it?
Businesses advance when their brands are welcomed by consumers. That’s the art which we perform.
Online marketing is a crucial element of strategy for the success of any business. We make sure your strategies are fresh, current, and successful.
Some say that Public Relations can be more powerful than advertising. But that depends on who manages it and what your objectives are.
Employer Branding is not a passing fashion. The performance of a brand is directly linked to employee performance. To say hello is not enough.
We call our managers for large- and small-scale events: Invent Managers. Because that is their speciality.