Raiffeisen Banka

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Raiffeisen Banka

The project

The year-on-year increase in organic traffic by 20% The year-on-year
increase in major conversions of 15%

The Challenge

The client’s website was not properly optimized, it did not contain a
content section where it would regularly publish content and non-brand traffic
accounted for only 5% of the total organic traffic.

The Solution

THE SOLUTION was comprehensive content marketing with an emphasis on
SEO. We have prepared an introductory analysis, a long-term content strategy
and together we have created a new content section “Useful Tips”, where we
have regularly published articles according to the See-Think-Do-Care
marketing model.

The Result

The result was a sharp increase in organic traffic, whether it was informational
content (Useful Tips) or product content (service pages), with major
conversions on the web growing at a different rate.
Achieved results:
organic traffic increased by 92%
the number of completed forms increased by 93%
the share of non-brand organic visits increased from 5% to 40%