Bayer develops world-leading solutions for the health sector and agriculture. COOKS was selected to work specifically for the self-care department. With a history in the Netherlands that goes back more than 100 years, Consumer Health is a source of knowledge and innovation when it comes to self-care products: products that are available at a drugstore and pharmacy without a prescription. Every family in the Netherlands has a Bayer product at home. Some product examples are: Aleve, Bepanthen, Canesten, Iberogast, Rennie, Saridon.
Country: NetherlandsAgency:COOKS CrossOverClient: Bayer

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A conceptually strong and integrated shopper activation

The project

The activation took place a few weeks before the summer holidays.
On holidays, consumers enjoy a variety of nice, different foods in foreign countries. Often that food will be spicier than what they’re used to. Therefore, COOKS had to create a strong and integrated shopper activation. Bayer wanted to prepare the traveler by recommending taking some self-care products for digestive health. That way travelers could make the most of their holiday.

The Challenge

The challenge was to come up with an attractive shopper marketing activation that raised self-care products for digestive health to top-of-mind while travelers were packing their bags.

The Solution

COOKS developed a 360-degree approach make products for digestion top of mind through focused content and a novel near-store activation.

The Result

The near-store activation program was not only successful but also generated high PR value. The client called it an attractive, very strong 360-degrees concept for social media (online) and in-store (offline).