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Supersieben is a business consultancy specialized in the areas of brand, marketing and business models – along their implementation. Using scientifically based methods and tools, we achieve significant improvements in our clients’ business results.

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Supersieben CEO Thomas Walter explains his favorite tool – Emotional Territories:

Emotional Territories is the only practical and scientifically sound tool to determine the relevant values and emotions for a brand or category.

It is more reliable, more accurate, more practical

Emotional Territories is more reliable: we normally work with 1,000 test subjects who are recruited according to their specifications. The large number of test subjects guarantees a representative result with the highest significance.

Emotional Territories is more accurate: The Emotional Territories algorithm works with is based on a scientifically validated set of values and emotions that cover the marketing-relevant emotional space. It can recognize and distinguish between 10³² individual values and emotions. In other words, Emotional Territories can capture and distinguish between every conceivable emotion nuance.

Emotional Territories is more practical: Emotional Territories delivers results in plain text form. You receive the values and emotions relevant for your brand and their connection to each other as an “emotional map”. This allows you to see exactly how the emotional world of your brand is composed.

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Emotional Territories – measuring brand values and emotions:

Target Group Machine – Calculate Target Groups:

Consumer Connection – Identifying Mindsets for your brand:

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