lengoo was founded in 2014 in Berlin and now operates the world’s fastest and most reliable Language Translation Service (LTS). With almost 60 people on the ground and over 2000 linguists globally lengoo can be faster and cheaper than any comparable service.

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Name:Christoph Eßer Mail:christoph.esser@lengoo.de Phone:+49 721 7880 8533 Website:http://www.lengoo.com

lengoo’s Chief Sales Manager, Christoph Esser, explains:
“At lengoo, we unite the creativity of our linguists with the precision of AI technology.
For our customers, we build individual neural translation networks that are customer-trained with data specific to each individual client, company department, and use case.”

“Our neural translation networks produce a “Pretranslation” that takes into account specific wording, glossaries, and all previous translations. These “Pretranslations” are then post-edited by our vast network of over 2,000 expert linguists, who polish the text and make them speak our customer’s brand language. By employing continuous cycles of training and re-training, we make sure that our translation models are always up to date and deliver the best possible language quality. That is why we are proud to say, that Lengoo is an ISO-certified language service provider that can deliver translations in over 400 language pairs”

“Using custom-trained neural translation networks, we speed up localization projects by a factor of 3, increase the language quality, and cut costs by up to 50%. Since 2014 we have empowered more than 3,000 companies to jumpstart internationalization, tap into new markets, and speak the language their customers and employees understand.”

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