Cross-channel customer communication

In 2002 VAPIANO launched its innovative “Fresh Casual Dining” concept and founded a new category within the system catering industry. VAPIANO quickly became a gastronomic lifestyle brand and opened 230 restaurants in 33 countries worldwide. Guests can enjoy Mediterranean relaxation in a cosmopolitan and communicative atmosphere. All meals are prepared fresh and in full view of the guests according to their individual wishes.
Country: GermanyAgency:TASTE!Client: VAPIANO

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Do it Vegitalian!

The project

In January 2018 taste! Became VAPIANO’s lead agency. Before, special campaigns were played throughout the year.  But the communication of these offers on site lacked contemporary appeal. They didn’t strengthen the customer loyalty, increase interest, drive traffic and table turn over the way the client had expected. VAPIANO had already created a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes and our task was to communicate them. Part of the offer were low carb dishes, to offer a healthy alternative for fitness and figure-conscious guests. taste! had to come up with a unique communication strategy and execution. 

The Challenge

VAPIANO is known for the large variety of fresh ingredients and freshly prepared dishes. However, the chain’s in-store communication completely lacked taste appeal.  

The Solution

A stand-out creative look and the motto “Do it Vegitalian”, a coined expression which became the new invitation theme for special occasions.

Customers received a personal green card that allowed them to discover special ‘green’ dishes such as the delicious Bolognese Bianco, plus salads, noodles, and chanterelle. By introducing the concept of “Vegitalian” meals taste! made it easy for customers to admit enjoying Ittalian cuisine without compromise.

The Result

Traditional Italian cucina became more contemporary. By constantly creating new, fresh concepts within an urban environment our concepts facilitated higher sales and increased visit frequency.  We integrated appealing “add-on-ideas”, both on- and offline, and our coined expression became part of the dining talk in Germany.