Tilsiter - Consumer branding and activation

Tilsiter - Consumer branding and activation
Country: SwitzerlandAgency:Die BotschafterClient: Tilsiter

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Love Brand

The project

Consumer branding and activation

The Challenge

Maintaining brand presence as love brand and creating market-side “pull” in a highly contested food segment, with international low price contenders and stagnating per capita cheese consumption.

The Solution

Leveraging the Tilsiter cows as authentic and loveable brand ambassadors, we implement together with Tilsiter different activities that keep the brand top-of-mind and help activate consumers near the POS. Activities include, for example, in store promotions, fairs, nationwide sampling at train stations, TV commercials, and localized digital ads and coupons.

The Result

Multiyear improvement of brand strength as measured annually with the BrandAsset® Valuator. Tens of thousands of high-value customer interactions per year. Double-digit growth of social media/platform engagements.