Saentis – One mountain, many stories

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Annual Reports

The project

Series of annual reports that turn shareholders into brand ambassadors

The Challenge

Annual reports are a legally mandated must. Yet, they don’t have to be dull and boring. And they might even serve as a perfect brand vehicle in a case like Saentis, where the majority of the 16’000+ shareholders are private citizens and hence also visitors and potential multipliers.

The Solution

For more than fifteen years, we have developed unique annual reports that make shareholders feel proud and passionate about “their mountain” and encourage them to talk about it or even invite others to visit. Last year’s report puts the different weather phenomena on centre stage. Previous years included for example behind the scenes clips, 3D goggles and pictures, and panoramic postcards.

The Result

The annual report has established itself as a communication highlight for shareholders, which have grown number wise by 50%. Measurable activities show high levels of interest and engagement, e.g. “out of stock” pick up your printed shareholder poster at the cable car ticket office.