Rila. The explorers of delight®

Authentic, high quality delicacies from all over the world: For almost 50 years, Rila has supplied the German retail trade and earned a reputation for fine cuisine (on every continent), not least because of its wide assortment of premium international products.
Country: GermanyAgency:TASTE!Client: Rila. The explorers of delight®

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50 years of culinary delight newly interpreted

The project

To increase Rila’s visibility vis à vis consumers and to enter the brand into the consideration set of the target groups.  

The Challenge

Rila is the epitome of authentic, high-quality gourmet food. However, the company’s aspiration to be the category captain was not visible to the market. Considerable short comings existed when it came to the retailers’ attention or its image among consumers. We conducted a 360° market study which delivered critical insights. 

The Solution

taste! strengthened Rila’s visibility vis à vis consumers with a broad relaunch of the umbrella brand. We repositioned Rila as “The delight discoverers” and enhanced this image by relaunching their packaging for the country-specific assortments of Ibero, Al Amier, Liakada, and Leverno. 

The Result

he strategic shift from an indistinct gourmet food importer to the position of a refined taste explorer provided the basis for a successful brand renovation. The retailers’ attention increased dramatically and Rila’s competence was greatly strengthened also among consumers.