Kastner & Öhler

Kastner & Öhler is the biggest Austrian fashion company with 13 stores in Austria and Slovenia. Their oldest store in the heart of Graz has been a landmark since 1873 and manifests Kastner’s pioneer role within the Austrian fashion and sports retail segment.
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Inspiring since 1873

The project

“An inspiring place to be for people with style” is the store’s high standard towards itself. This standard has to be translated into all means of communication. Naturally, this also applies to the store’s newspaper supplements, which are distributed quarterly.

The Challenge

Kids, Interior, and Fashion are the main categories for these supplements in the form of folders. Each category hast to be different and unique and at the same time adhere to the store’s brand guidelines. The overall communication aims? To highlight seasonal trends and to awaken people’s desire to shop at Kastner und Öhler.

The Solution

The utmost aim is to generate people’s desire to visit the store by showing the latest seasonal styles in a sophisticated and exceptional manner. In order to achieve these aims, we at Hartinger have designed a consistent yet playful but elegant layout, photo and light concept as well as coherent product display that is seamlessly picked up at the point of sales at the store.

The Result

The result is a strong brand experience that effectively links memorable trends and style with the Austrian fashion institution in people’s minds.