Kastner & Öhler Christmas

Kastner & Öhler is the biggest Austrian fashion company with 13 stores in Austria and Slovenia. Their oldest store in the heart of Graz has been a landmark since 1873 and manifests Kastner’s pioneer role within the Austrian fashion and sports retail segment.
Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: Kastner & Öhler

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A Christmas to remember

The project

“An inspiring place to be for people with style” is the store’s high standard towards itself. This standard has to be translated into all means of communication, especially when Christmas is around the corner.

The Challenge

Christmas is the high season in the retail business and with that a very special one for Kastner & Öhler. Around this time of year, it is vital to remind existing customers of the benefits and services they profit from when shopping there.

The Solution

Each year we develop a campaign with the famous Kastner & Öhler’s Christmas letter at heart. “Opulence” was the theme of this specific mailing, which comes with a folder that aims at inciting people to search for Christmas presents at the store, offline as well as online. This was accompanied by city lights and a coherent point of sale display, making Christmas at Kastner & Öhler unforgettable.

The Result

The output is a strong brand experience that creates very special memories of Christmas at Kastner & Öhler. The flair, the atmosphere, promotions and the possibility of online shopping are brought back to mind through various channels linking Christmas to the traditional trip to Kastner & Öhler every December in people’s minds.