Hartinger Consulting Christmas Mailing

We believe that every successful communication strategy is based on a strong brand identity. And our philosophy is just as important for our work. It is the benchmark for our daily activities. Hartinger Consulting stands for togetherness, effectiveness and open-mindedness.
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The project

Our Hartinger Christmas mailing acts as a reflection of those values. It not only reminded people of our creative competence, but also highlighted our integrated approach to everything we do and stand for.

The Challenge

On the one hand the aim of this mailing was to say “Thank you” to all our partners in a creative way and on the other hand we wanted to showcase our successful participation in an international agency network.

The Solution

What is the best way to enjoy Christmas? Following this question, we collected 24 international Christmas dishes and their recipes from 24 international agencies. As diverse as the CommUnity International network as diverse are the dishes we received. From simple to quite complex, from soup to dessert and even the matching drinks.

The Result

After we had collected, translated and edited 24 different contributions from 24 different places around the world, we created a high-quality booklet in the form of a personal mailing. Each recipe included not only a story of the origin and traditions surrounding the dish but also individual illustration that added to the feeling of contemplation. In addition to the beautiful booklet, which was sent to our partners, customers and suppliers, everyone could experience the stories, including images, anecdotes and illustrations as an advent calendar on our website.