Gigasport - Where Sport is the NO. 1

Sport is more than just movement. Sport is an adventure. And GIGASPORT, Austria’s leading sports retailer has put this aspect at the very heart of its communication.
Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: GIGASPORT

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Where Sport is the NO. 1

The project

Whatever sport it is that you practice in your life, with Gigasport you find the right equipment and the best service for your endeavors.

The Challenge

Since Gigasport’s approach towards sports is that is an adventure in every day’s life, the retailer wanted to focus on these adventures and put its customers at the center of attention.

The Solution

That is why we decided to launch a campaign where customers personally take us with them on their journeys, which added a very human and authentic aspect into the overall brand presence of Gigasport.

The Result

The campaign included all vital means of advertising, but really focused on Social Media channels. In the course of 4 weeks, two women and two men at various ages showed the world via short videoclips what sports meant to them and how they lived their passion, animating others to take on a more active lifestyle. Effective targeting throughout all channels ensured maximum visibility and a significant reach for a strong output.