Cristallo Unico

Cristallo Unico is a service that offers unlimited possibilities for individual and unique glass packaging. Pure, natural & versatile – glass offers endless potential.
Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: CRISTALLO UNICO

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Classy Glass

The project

Cristallo’s mission is to redefine the limits of what is possible by manufacturing high-quality glasses and bottles precisely to their customer’s requirements, providing advice and support throughout our certified design process all the way from the initial concept.

The Challenge

David and Goliath. Or: What if you are good, but nobody knows it? Retrievability, and therefore maximum visibility for an exceptional, but rather small business in the south of Styria was the overall aim of the relaunch of Cristallo’s website.

The Solution

Exceptionally well-structured content was the key to tell search engines that Cristallo can compete with the rest of the world. An appealing design-concept made this clear to potential customers just the same, only on a different level.

The Result

An average of 6 pages per session were a testament to the convincing content and smooth usability, whereas 800 % more visibility proved our SEO strategy right. 164 ranking keywords as opposed to 7 before the relaunch was the cherry on top. This award-winning project will always be a very special one for us.