LEICHT&CROSS is a crisp bread classic from the 80ies. Even today it is a preferred choice among regular bread alternatives and still retains the potential to be considered within the category. 
Country: GermanyAgency:TASTE!Client: LEICHT&CROSS

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“Wie CROSS ist das denn!”

The project

LEICHT&CROSS suits everyone who cares about a healthy diet, without making it a nutritional dogma. The task was to encourage consumption without making it a “live or die” choice. Instead multiple usage occasions had to be created to raise awareness as well as consumption.  

The Challenge

The outdated 90s-image prevented the brand’s consideration as a staple food. As a consequence, sales and revenue suffered. This was especially disturbing as a healthy diet is an everyday topic among German consumers.

The Solution

taste! created a relevant usage profile with ‘real’ values for consumers. With the claim “Wie cross ist das denn!” we positioned LEICHT&CROSS as a choice for relaxation or between meetings. Consumers could eat the products dry, with healthy or sweet toppingsThus, consumption became contemporary and the opposite of dogmatic. It was ok no to be perfect. 

We connected the brand via Social Media with people interested in food and everyday life using our very own Content Hub. By cross-linking of Social Media Channels, a media cooperation with BAUER Media and other publications we distributed relevant content and increased the user group. 

The Result

Our cross-media campaign was more than standard advertising. We brought the LEICHT&CROSS’ back to life and achieved a double-digit growth in sales and a significant increase in brand awareness and usage.

Our work in Action!