The Nordics are on Fire


Leif Lindau of Navigator invited his colleagues from 4 agencies in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden to a full day event in Malmö. As result, a Nordic Chapter was created inside CommUnity International to strengthen coordination, exchanges and training in this very connected region.

This first event focused on discussions of cross-border opportunities. Sven-Carsten Hennings from German agency Taktzeit called in from Düsseldorf to explore chances of cooperation with two of his key clients.

We are the only independent network with full coverage in all Northern markets and thus able to offer coordinated services to clients across the entire region. We will soon add a sixth member, a specialist group from Oslo of 42 PR professionals which increases our value to potential clients.

Our capabilities have also attracted interest from another independent network which has no members of their own in the Nordics. We will offer them an exclusive Partnership which gives their agencies and clients access to this region. By the same token, we can work with their members in markets where CommUnity International is currently not present.