C3 Awards 2021

The Grand Prix for “Agency of the Year” went to Live Content from Lisbon. It was particularly rewarding for the winner that the celebration took place on a fantastic dinner boat ride up the river Tejo on the last evening of the 2021 Fall meeting. Our custom is that the winner of the Grand Prix organizes the 2022 Awards competition. The venue will be announced in May of 2022.

C3 Awards stands for CommUnity Creative Challenge and is the short version for Bronze, Silver, and
Gold prizes awarded to the best work of our members each year. This year 18 agencies competed to win a prize in five categories:

  • Best Overall Campaign
  • Best Design
  • Best Content or Social
  • Best Member Collaboration
  • Best Rejected 

The last category of “Best Rejected” always leads to engaged discussions when the winner explains why its client did not buy the agency’s recommendation.



2021 winners were selected by 25 judges from agency Concept Maniax in Athens, the winner of the 2019 Grand Prix.
CEO Nikos Xenakis handed out 18 Awards in total (6 Gold, 5 Silver and 7 Bronze) trophies as there were two Bronze Winners in two categories due to equal scoring by the judges.